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Organizers for Husky 815-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

Drawer sizes below are for the Husky 52-inch, 15-drawer toolbox (model H52CH6TR9HD)

Uses 10 drawers to fit all the tools (about 5,200 square inches). Contact us for options to fit other toolboxes.

Caution: Husky has made several 52-inch toolboxes with similar model numbers. Please measure your toolbox drawers before ordering.

  Husky drawer sizes
all tools in set H815MTS number of pieces 47-1/2 X
31-1/2 X
31-3/8 X
13-5/8 X
13-1/2 X
1/4-drive inch sockets 187 F-03207-T
3-1/4 inch drawer
3/8-drive inch sockets        
1/2-drive inch sockets        
1/4-drive metric sockets 231        
3/8-drive metric sockets        
1/2-drive metric sockets        
ratchets & adapters 12        
magnetic handle & driver bits 73        
drive tools & extensions 22     F-03209-R
3/8-drive long hex sockets 15        
screwdrivers 27   F-03206-R
torx screwdrivers 6        
inch non-reversible ratcheting wrenches 12   F-03205-R
inch reversible ratcheting wrenches 7        
inch flex head ratcheting wrenches 6        
metric non-reversible ratcheting wrenches 15     F-03211-R
metric flex head ratcheting wrenches 6        
metric reversible ratcheting wrenches 7        
inch combination wrenches & trailer hitch wrench 20   F-03204-R
metric combination wrenches 22     F-03210-R
inch stubby non-reversible ratcheting wrenches 7       F-03202-R
inch stubby combination wrenches 8        
inch midget wrenches 10        
metric stubby non-reversible ratcheting wrenches 7         F-03208-R
metric stubby combination wrenches 8        
metric midget wrenches 10        
hex keys 62         F-03203-R
torx keys 26        
socket rails (not organized) 9          
total 815 pieces          

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