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About FoamFit Tools

FoamFit Tools, LLC has been creating tool organizers since 2009 in Green Bay, WI. We are a small company with big capabilities.

The focus at FoamFit Tools isn't tool storage. Our goal is to save time, both when finding tools and when putting them away.

We have two products:

Our customers include large aerospace companies, NASA and the US military, several automakers, and thousands of smaller companies. We also work with individual customers who need an efficient way to keep their tools organized.

Our tool foam is tear resistant, doesn't absorb liquids, and is resistant to most fuels and oils. Each sheet has a contrasting color of foam thermally bonded underneath for maximum durability.

FoamFit Tools in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Features and Benefits

We believe the tools in your toolbox should be easy to find, easy to remove, and easy to put away.

With our foam tool organizers:

FoamFit Tools can help your 5s program with visual organizers for your tools. The 5s methodology includes sort (seiri), set in order (seiton), shine (seiso), standardize (seiketsu), and sustain (shitsuke). There are many ways to organize your tools, but foam organizers help sustain organization over time by making it easy to put tools back in the correct spot.

Features & Benefits:

We never seem to have two free hands to pry tools from a tool holder, so we design our foam tool organizers with just enough space to ensure easy removal. We include finger pockets for removing small tools.

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