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Tool Foam Blanks

Make your own tool organizers using tool foam blanks.

A bit of patience and a steady hand will allow you to organize a box full of unique tools. Choose fused or adhesive-backed material depending on how you'll cut the tool pockets.

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Adhesive-Backed Tool Foam Blanks

adhesive-backed tool foam blanks

Adhesive-backed tool foam blanks are separate until you stick them together. This type of foam is for cutting with a hobby knife. A few of our customers also prefer this material for laser cutting.

best for knife cuttingBest for Knife Cutting best for laser cuttingBest for Laser Cutting not for router cuttingNot for Router Cutting not for CNC machiningNot for CNC Machining

Fused Tool Foam Blanks

fused two-color tool foam blanks

Fused tool foam blanks are two colors made in one sheet. This type of foam is for cutting with a woodworking router or CNC mill. The two colors cannot be separated or peeled apart.

not for knife cuttingNot for Knife Cutting laser cutting not recommendedLaser Cutting Not Recommended best for router cuttingBest for Router Cutting best for CNC machiningBest for CNC Machining
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Custom sizes are available for tool foam blanks. Contact customer service for more info.

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Tips for Measuring Toolbox Drawers

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