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11 Tekton Pliers with Tin Snips

Kit #159

Kit #159
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1-Drawer Kit

Drawer Size
24 X 18 inches

$244.90 sale $224.20

Typically ships in about 1 week, but see current foam availability.

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Made in the USA

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Tools Included with Kit

This kit includes the following pliers:

7 inch wire stripper (Tekton 3797)
7 inch long nose pliers (Tekton PGF10007)
6-1/2 inch slip joint pliers (Tekton 37122)
7 inch diagonal cutting pliers (Tekton PCT00007)
10 inch groove joint pliers (Tekton 37524)
10 inch curved jaw locking pliers (Tekton PLK10010)
6 inch long nose locking pliers (Tekton PLK30006)
mini long nose pliers (Tekton PMN11001)
mini flat nose pliers (Tekton PMN21001)
mini diagonal cutting pliers (Tekton PMN54001)
mini bent long nose pliers (Tekton PMN11301)
10 inch tinner snip (Channellock 610TS)

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Drawer Requirements

This foam insert included with this kit measures 24 X 18 inches.
We do not recommend compressing the foam because it can make the tools difficult to remove.

If necessary, the foam sheet can be trimmed.
The minimum recommended size is 20-5/8 X 14-1/4 inches.

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How Kits are Packaged and Shipped

We test fit each tool in the kit.

After testing, the tools are repackaged in a heavy-duty bag by drawer, to keep them together during shipping.

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Designer Notes

“This kit replaces an earlier kit which had a Tekton tin snips that is no longer available. The kit was originally designed for a warehouse or large facility that would need a good general-purpose tool set. We started with four basic pliers, then added two locking pliers and a wire stripper. This kit also includes a tin snips which comes in handy if you deal with pallet banding. We also include four mini pliers because the Tekton mini pliers are fantastic.”

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Other Notes

The PDF drawing for the organizer is available here: F-04152-R.

You can also order this organizer without tools.

The organizer insert F-04152-R is available to purchase by itself without the tools.

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