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Organizer Kits with Tools

Start with an organized toolbox. You'll be amazed at the time you save.

We've picked some of our favorite organizer inserts and added all the tools needed to fill them. Each kit has been selected to cover a wide range of needs from lab work to machine building and facilities maintenance. Made-in-the-USA tools have been selected whenever possible.

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FoamFit Tools manufactures our organizers in the USA
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Kits built using Craftsman tools. We've selected quality tools for these kits while focusing on completeness and value.

Tool kits for Craftsman and Craftsman Industrial tools

Kits built using Wright, Channellock, Nupla, Mayhew, and Eklind tools. These premium tool brands are known for exceptional toughness.

Tool kits for Wright tools and other premium brands
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