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8 Craftsman Inch Reversible Ratcheting Wrenches with Sockets

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8 Craftsman Inch Reversible Ratcheting Wrenches with Sockets

Fits (8) reversible inch ratcheting wrenches and (8) inch wrench sockets

Accommodates the USA-made version of the inch ratcheting wrenches and wrench sockets from the 540-piece mechanics tool set 36540.

Drawer Size
11-1/2 X 16-1/4 inches


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This foam tool organizer is made from closed-cell polyethylene tool foam. It has been precision CNC-cut to fit the following 8 Craftsman wrenches and wrench sockets:

reversible ratcheting wrenches:
5/16 (Craftsman 42412)
3/8 (Craftsman 42413)
7/16 (Craftsman 42414)
1/2 (Craftsman 42415)
9/16 (Craftsman 42416)
5/8 (Craftsman 42417)
11/16 (Craftsman 42418)
3/4 (Craftsman 42419)

wrench sockets: 5/16 3/8 7/16 1/2 9/16 5/8 11/16 3/4

This organizer only fits the USA-marked Craftsman full-polish ratcheting wrenches with reversing levers. This organizer fits the inch ratcheting wrenches and wrench sockets included in version 1 of the Craftsman 540-piece mechanics tool set 36540.

This organizer is designed to fit a standard Craftsman toolbox drawer with inner dimensions of:

11-1/2 X 16-1/4 inches
(inside width by inside length)

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Made in the USA!


Note: tools are not included

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Please verify this organizer fits your tools before placing an order.

  1. Download the drawing:
  2. Print the pages of the drawing full size (page scaling = none).
  3. Assemble the pages and place the printed drawing in your toolbox drawer.
  4. Place the tools over the printed outlines. Visually check that each tool fits within its outline.

Additional Information

Each FoamFit insert is designed for shadowing a specific set of tools. These organizers are made from high-quality tool foam with precision-cut pockets.

The pockets are cut up to 1/2 inch deep in 3/4 inch thick tool foam, or up to 1 inch deep in 1-1/4 inch thick tool foam. Most inserts require less than 2 inches of height to fit in a 2-inch drawer (unless otherwise noted).

Our tool foam is two layers of closed-cell polyethylene foam. The contrasting top layer is thermally bonded to the bottom layer for maximum durability. Three color combinations are available: black with red, blue with yellow, and black with blue. The foam is resistant to most oils and fuels.

Black and Red, Blue and Yellow, and Black and Blue Tool Foam
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