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83 Tekton 1/2-drive Socket and Drive Tool

Kit #149

Kit #149
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1-Drawer Kit

Drawer Size
24 X 18 inches

$337.60 sale $299.90

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Tools Included with Kit

This kit includes the following 83 Tekton sockets and other tools:

(16) 1/2-drive deep 6-point sizes from 3/8 to 1-5/16 inch
(16) 1/2-drive 6-point sizes from 3/8 to 1-5/16 inch
(23) 1/2-drive deep 6-point sizes from 10 to 32
(23) 1/2-drive 6-point sizes from 10 to 32
1/2-drive 90-tooth quick-release ratchet
1/2-drive 18 inch breaker bar
1/2-drive X 3 extension bar
1/2-drive X 10 extension bar
1/2-drive universal joint

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Drawer Requirements

This foam insert included with this kit measures 24 X 18 inches.
We do not recommend compressing the foam because it can make the tools difficult to remove.

If necessary, the foam sheet can be trimmed.
The minimum recommended size is 20-1/16 X 15-3/4 inches.

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How Kits are Packaged and Shipped

The tools are repackaged after testing. We use heavy-duty bags so no tools are lost during shipping, and each kit is packed separately with a drawing to help place each tool in the drawer. Some kits with Tekton sockets ship in the original Tekton case.

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Designer Notes

“The Tekton 1/2-drive socket kit includes larger metric sizes needed when working on cars. It would also be a great set for maintenance departments that work on larger machinery.”

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Other Notes

The PDF drawing for the organizer is available here: F-03249-T.

You can also order this organizer without tools.

The organizer insert F-03249-T is available to purchase by itself without the tools.

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