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Instructions for Cutting Pockets in Tool Foam

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The instructions below outline the steps to make a foam tool organizer for shadowing tools using a handheld router. A straight bit gives the best results, and most two-flute woodworking bits work fine. A 1/4-inch diameter bit is about right to remove material quickly while still cutting tight inside corners.

In addition to a router, you'll need double-sided tape and a marker (dry erase markers work well). Wear safety glasses and consult your router manual for safe practices.


Tape the foam blank to your work surface and arrange your tools.


Use a marker to trace your tools.

trace tools

Set the bit to the desired depth of cut. Use a slow rpm if your router has variable-speed settings, and plunge in the center of the cutout.

begin routing

Cut from the center making clockwise circles. The last pass should be at your marker line.

first cutout

Add additional cutouts and finger pockets.

cutouts and finger pockets

The finished result:

finished foam tool organizer
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