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55-pc Tekton 1/4-drive socket set
KIT #147

Foam Organizer for 48 Tekton 1/4-drive Sockets with 1 Ratchet and 5 Additional Tools

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Kits include both the tools and foam organizer.

This organizer is also available without tools: F-03246-R

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Kit Description

55-pc Tekton 1/4-drive socket set Kit #147

This complete kit includes organizer insert F-03246-R, 48 sockets, ratchet, and 5 additional drive tools.

The tool organizer may be trimmed to fit a variety of drawer sizes. Please compare the minimum recommended size to your drawer size before ordering.

Detailed drawing: F-03246-R.pdf

Tool organizer made in USA. Tools non-USA.

1-Drawer Kit

Drawer Size
12 X 18 inches

$122.60 sale $119.40

Typically ships in about 1 week, but see current foam availability.

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Tools Included with Kit

This kit includes the following 54 Tekton sockets and other tools:

(11) 1/4-drive deep 6-point sizes from 5/32 to 9/16
(11) 1/4-drive 6-point sizes from 5/32 to 9/16
(13) 1/4-drive deep 6-point sizes from 4 to 14
(13) 1/4-drive 6-point sizes from 4 to 14
1/4-drive 90-tooth quick-release ratchet
1/4-drive 6 inch spinner handle
1/4-drive X 3 extension bar
1/4-drive X 6 extension bar
1/4-drive universal joint
1/4-drive hex bit holder

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Free shipping on all orders within the contiguous 48 US states.

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Drawer Requirements

The foam insert included with this kit measures 12 X 18 inches.

It is not possible to compress the foam because the tool pockets will also squeeze closed. The foam sheet can be trimmed with a sharp knife if necessary. Contact customer service if you'd like us to modify the sheet size to your measurements.

The minimum recommended size for trimming is 9-1/4 X 15-3/4 inches. This leaves a margin of approximately 1/4-inch. Trimmed organizers are not returnable.

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Designer Notes

"This is a great little socket kit featuring 1/4-drive Tekton tools. Tekton sells this set with a case that would be great for travel, but our foam insert makes it easider to use the set in a toolbox. "

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How Kits are Packaged and Shipped

After test fitting each kit, we remove the tools and seal them in a heavy-duty bag for shipping. We include a drawing to help place each tool back in the foam. Some kits with Tekton sockets ship in the original Tekton case.

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