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8 Craftsman Screwdriver

Kit #160

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8 Craftsman Screwdriver Kit #160

This complete kit includes organizer insert
F-03846-R and 8 Craftsman screwdrivers.

Fits (4) slotted screwdrivers and
(4) Phillips screwdrivers.

Foam drawer insert and screwdrivers made in USA. Available while supplies last!


Drawer Size
8-1/8 X 14-1/2 inches

$36.90 sale!
1 kit $29.90
2+ kits $26.90

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Made in the USA

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Tools Included with Kit

This kit includes the following
8 Craftsman screwdrivers:

1/4 X 6 (Craftsman 41584)
3/16 X 4 (Craftsman 41581)
1/8 X 4 (Craftsman 41589)
1/4 X 1-1/2 (Craftsman 4151)

#2 X 4 (Craftsman 41295)
#1 X 2-1/2 (Craftsman 41294)
#0 X 2 (Craftsman 41293)
#2 X 1-1/2 (Craftsman 41854)

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Drawer Requirements

This foam insert included with this kit measures 8-1/8 X 14-1/2 inches.
We do not recommend compressing the foam because it can make the tools difficult to remove.

If necessary, the foam sheet can be trimmed.
The minimum recommended size is 7-5/8 X 12-9/16 inches.

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Designer Notes

“We created this organizer as a stocking stuffer for these great little screwdriver sets. The foam is sized to partially fill a 16-inch Craftsman top chest drawer, but it could be turned 90 degrees to fit in a smaller drawer.”

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Other Notes

The PDF drawing for the organizer is available here: F-03846-R.

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