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10 Channellock Pliers

Kit #139

Kit #139
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1-Drawer Kit

Drawer Size
24 X 18 inches

$322.90 sale $281.80

Temporarily Sold Out

Channellock is only making their most popular pliers. We will have a new Channellock pliers kit soon.

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Made in the USA

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Tools Included with Kit

This kit includes the following 10 Channellock pliers:

9.5-inch crimping pliers (Channellock 909)
7-inch cutting (diagonal) pliers (Channellock 437)
7.5-inch lineman's pliers (Channellock 367)
6.5-inch slip joint pliers (Channellock 526)
6-inch long nose pliers (Channellock E326)
8-inch bent nose pliers with cutter (Channellock E388)
8-inch long reach (duckbill) pliers (Channellock 718)
9.5-inch tongue and groove pliers (Channellock 420)
7-inch wire stripper for 10-20 AWG (Channellock 957)
8-inch retaining ring pliers (Channellock 927)

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Drawer Requirements

This foam insert included with this kit measures 24 X 18 inches.
We do not recommend compressing the foam because it can make the tools difficult to remove.

If necessary, the foam sheet can be trimmed.
The minimum recommended size is 21-3/4 X 13-3/8 inches.

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How Kits are Packaged and Shipped

We test fit each tool in the kit.

After testing, the tools are repackaged in a heavy-duty bag by drawer, to keep them together during shipping.

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Designer Notes

“There have been a few iterations of this kit over time. This version is meant to be trimmable to fit a slightly smaller drawer than the 12-piece Channellock kit, but it still includes a good selection for someone that has to work on a wide variety of projects. Some of the highlights include the bent nose pliers and the crimping pliers. Having a separate wire stripper and crimping pliers is much nicer than using an all-in-one wire stripper/crimper. The crimper also has a cutter on the nose which is great for cutting cable ties.”

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Other Notes

The PDF drawing for the organizer is available here: F-02842-R.

You can also order this organizer without tools.

The organizer insert F-02842-R is available to purchase by itself without the tools.

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